Flatout Flatbread – Review

It’s better than sliced bread… no really it is!

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It’s as if the blogging universe heard about me and my no cooking skills ways and decided to throw me a bone… or some flat bread!

This is the simplest yet YUMMIEST way to make a fab meal for your family, your friends… or solo. So listen up!

It’s so easy… my 8YO “cooker girl” Lily made us dinner tonight. { I supervised the knife and stove and oven parts}

I headed to Walmart – because I was compensated via Walmart to purchase my items, but you can also find it at other STORES – so I headed to Walmart with Lily to pick up our ingredients onions, peppers, sausage and cheese. We also bought ice cream and spinach and strawberries to go with our meal and the spinach never made it out but the ice cream and strawberries were oh so yum so whatever! 

Look what we made! Flatout Flatbread Pizza!


So basically here’s what you do –

Heat the oven to 350-degrees. when heated, place the flat bread on the grill or on a baking sheet and place in oven for 2 mins… just to pre heat the bread.

Layer the Flatout Flatbread with all your favorite COOKED ingredients and pop it back in the oven for 4 mins …BAZZAM!

Done you guys. That’s it. no joke.. done and done!

flatout -flatbread.jpg

I mean..I’m inviting people over and going to experiment with my flatbread… think anchovies, clams, oysters… listen… it’s THAT easy. {And i’m feeling the summer seafood thing!}

This is what we did today – Carmelized Onions, Fully Cooked smoked sausage that I sliced and sautéed on the stove, sautéed peppers, Parmesan and Mozzarella blend cheese.

Lily drizzled some truffle oil… it’s her favorite oil… but you can use olive oil in case YOUR 8-year-old foodie has run out of truffle oil

So Lily drizzled truffle oil – then layered with the cheese blend – smiley faced peppers – and then the onions and sausage – final cheese layer. She made two “pizzas” for us. One with onions and one without.


This is so easy and the flatbread comes in different flavors! We picked the Spicy Italian.

There is also a really fun Flatout Flatbread “Taste of Chicago” Giveaway going on. Enter —> here!–> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also check out the Flatout Flatbread facebook page for more tips and recipes and contests and goodies!  

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