Food, Music and Big Gay Ice Cream

Be still my foodies heart! We headed over to the Great Googa Mooga fest over the weekend. {A food & music fest in Brooklyn with all of my favorite food trucks!} It was a bit overcast and a few raindrops here and there but overall it was a great time had by all of us… mainly Lily Pie. Her day was full of adventurous food, people behaving strangely, music and knights and centaurs… yes .. i said knights and centaurs!

read on…20130518-231425.jpg

First stop – American Express Serve Kick Back lounge.

20130518-232102.jpgThe soul rebels were playing and Lily found herself right at home with the arts and crafts provided for kids.

20130518-232230.jpgThom and i made ourselves comfortable in the grass and danced around to the amazing New Orleans brass band. Matt headed off to find beer and food.


First up Lobster – can’t remember where Matt picked it up from- but it was gooood.


Next we had Snail and rabbit paella… Let me tell you.. it was delicious! The paella was cooked just right will all the flavors completely infused in every ingredient… the rice.. perfectly paella-ish! and the rabbit and snail pieces were chopped just right so you never got a piece too big or too small.



Lily walked around with us to find something just for her… and she picked the BACON platter… that’s my girl. smoked grilled bacon with pickles on the side.


There are food tents all over and you just have to wander about to find the goods. The main areas have a whole section just for bacon, another just for seafood, another for chicken and beef and a whole section just for desserts.


20130518-231947.jpgLily and I picked up a few macaroons… these are our most fave treat these days and we have never met a macaroon we haven’t chomped up in our bellies!


The charming fella who sold us the macaroons gave us an extra few just for fun! This made Lily’s day! She couldn’t understand why – if he was selling these treats – would he then just give us a few for free. I said it was because he was nice.. and it was a nice thing to do! Then Lily said she was going to give away free treats when she opened her food truck. Spread the good deed! So thanks Mille Feuille Bakery! for my inspiring my sweet lilypie.


Ok so if you wander around the Googa Mooga you will find small pockets of food everywhere. We came across the Spotted Pig Haus. The Spotted Pig is Matt’s go to gastro pub in NYC! This yummy treat did not disappoint. 20130518-231710.jpg

20130518-231644.jpgI also had the ribs from.. yet another place I forgot. Sooooo good and the coleslaw it came with was equally yum.


Then we had the duck corn dog from  JAMES. It got mixed reviews from Lily and Matt… I liked it. It was a bit rich but the batter was deep-fried crunchy goodness and the duck was moist and perfectly cooked.


The rainy sprinkles had us looking for shade… which the gorgeous trees in prospect Park were all too happy to provide. Also I realized that this was the first time Lily has taken cover from the rain under a tree… she said “this is how it’s going to be in the jungle” – because she’s going to be a “jungle girl” when she grows up remember20130518-231627.jpg

So there we were… minding our own business… and BAM… we ran into some Game of Thrones styled knights. Full with funky accents and brawn and metal gear.


They said, ” well hello there princess” and Lily just gushed!  I bet these guys go all Game of Thrones crazy on sundays!

Next a CENTAUR… like a full on CENTAUR stopped us.



Just as we thought we had entered some alternate universe… we saw this… makes sense.

Lily was thrilled! She has never beed to a ren-faire and this was such a treat.. to see princess and fairies and centaurs and knights dancing to house music and walking along side her. I wish I had captured her face… she was in such a creative element. I can’t imagine what was going on in her mind! 20130518-231606.jpg




Oh yea and then Big Gay Ice Cream! Bronies for-evah!! 20130518-231919.jpg

Googa Mooga was a TON better than last year.. the differences … the festival capped the attendees so there were’nt a gazillion people running you over. There were many many MANY bathrooms everywhere so the bathroom wait was none. The food lines were no problem either. This year the vendors were asked to only serve one or 2 items on their menu… this helped keep the lines moving. Cell phones worked! Last year when the vendors ran out of food and has to call for back up… cell phones did not work. Not a problem this year. Lots of ATMS… but beware to $4 charge! It was also kid friendly… lots of green space for Lily to run around. We went on Saturday at 2pm – 5pm. It was packed and the festival was sold out even for general admission but yet we had a great time and the whole thing was well organized. on Sunday… sadly… the festival was cancelled due to rain.. what a shame. Because the Great Googa Mooga was GREAT!


20130518-232300.jpg* Post sponsored by American Express Serve.. all opinions and pictures are my own! *