MoonWalk NYC 2013

You’ve done 5K’s and walk-a-thon’s and even gone swimming in the Hudson * gasp* all in the name of a cause you believe in.

But… I ask you dear reader… have you gone walking through NYC in the dark in ONLY bra… all to support Breast Cancer Research.

Read on…

MoonWalk NYC

– In July 2013, Walk the Walk will bring The MoonWalk marathon from the United Kingdom to America for the first time to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer causes. At 10 p.m., on July 20, 2013, thousands of women and men will Power Walk through the city wearing brightly decorated bras to inspire and encourage others to get fit, have fun, and raise money for breast cancer charities in New York.

The Walk will start at 10PM at Randalls Island and then participants will set off on a 26.2 milewalk around NYC’s most iconic landmarks… brightly lit. You and the estimated 8000 participants have to option to participate in the lesser mileage option… to accommodate all needs.

MoonWalk NYC

The MoonWalk started in 1996 in NYC when 13 women walked the NYC marathon in their bras.. years later… it’s back in NYC.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year… The MoonWalk hopes to raise two million dollars in one night, most of which most of which will be granted to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, to help support their Breast Examination Center in Harlem (BECH), one of the first free screening facilities for breast cancer in the country where 80% of the patients are uninsured but guaranteed support and guidance.

Doesn’t this sound like a ton of fun!!

So what do you say! Let’s sign up!

You can sign up for the half moon – 13.1 miles or full moon – 26.2 miles HERE! 

* I was paid for this post by One2One Network and Walk The Walk.  All opinions stated are my own. *