On Mother’s Day

Lily sings this song to me-

on mother’s day
on mother’s day
oh how i love you mommy
you bring me joy and happiness
i give you love, a hug, a kiss
on mother’s day on mother’s day
oh how i love you mommy.

>>// followed by a big huge kiss.\\<<


Here are a few pictures of my mom and grandma. My mom pulled double duty and raised me and my siblings alone. She sacrificed a lot and loved us a lot. My mom and grandmother live in florida and I wish they were closer.  I always look at these pictures from my wedding when we were all in saris and it makes me feel close to them.20130512-200200.jpg

I’m not sure when we will all be in sari’s again. My mom doesn’t wear hers anymore… except for weddings. My grandmother wears a sari to church sometimes and I love it.


When I had the MOTO, my mom and grandmother came to NY for 10 days and swooped in and did everything for us! I was SOOOOO sick for 4 days and could hardly get out of bed…my mom stayed in bed with me and the babe while Lily was in school and watched shows with me and chatted with me and made me soup… like back in the day.

As old as I am these days… I still need my mommy. 20130512-200215.jpg

Mothers… they are special people.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mama’s. Your babies need you forever – the work is never done!

* I totally took pictures of these pictures because i can’t find my digital wedding pic file. ugh! *