Springtime in Central Park

Last weekend… I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

So last weekend… we met our siblings in Central Park to celebrate LILY DAY!


We keep this special day to ourselves.. it’s a day for family and celebrating being a family and what better way to do this than blow bubbles and run among the blossoming cherry blossoms in Central Park!


My sister made the yummiest peanut butter cups with this icing that was a desert in itself. It was a special LILY DAY treat! They were gobbled up in no time!


I love Central Park. It’s one of my MOST favorite places on earth. I think if you are a tourist and you skip through Central Park you have failed your vacation. Where else can you be immersed in total nature yet surrounded by the sky line of one the most amazing cities in the WORLD. 20130510-211930.jpg

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and love is in the air. Every corner of the park seems to have a couple folded in each others arms and lip locked.

20130510-212453.jpgSpringtime in Central Park is like walking into a Woody Allen film. 20130510-211952.jpg

These weekends with my siblings are precious. I know I say this all the time. but really they are. Never in a million years did I ever think  – when I moved to New York to become a dancer- that I would be surrounded by my sweetest brother and sister… and now their spouses.. who are practically my brother and sister as well.


Lily loves the park. Everytime a soft wind would pass by and the cherry blossom petals would go floating by, Lily would say {with absolute delight} “the flowers are dancing” !


The flowers WERE dancing that day.


And they showered us with all their flowery well wishes and fragrance and covered our sweet family with moments captured in laughter and conversation. 20130510-212123.jpg

Gosh I wish I were dancing everyday. My lack of dancing these days is like missing a whole part of me and I really pray that I get that back one of these days. 20130510-212146.jpg

So where to go in Central Park? Let me tell you my spots: Last week we entered the park at 86th/ central park west. We set up our picnic on the highest rock right as we entered and had the whole area to ourselves.

20130510-212521.jpgAfter we ate and played we walked up the reservoir a few blocks and parked ourselves beneath the cherry blossoms.

20130510-212718.jpgSee everyone goes to the more popular spots like Sheep Meadow and the area around the fountains. But I like to stay above 86th street. Here’s my LOCAL tip-  If you enter on 101th street and walk through the North Woods… there are waterfalls and caves… yep in central park..and don’t forget the amazing rock climbing. But don’t tell anyone because I love the North Woods and we go all the time and it’s not very crowded.



You know what the BEST part of this day was… LILY.

She’s 8. it’s a funky age .. 8. Somedays she’s a baby and wants me to do everything for her.. and other days she’s a teen and thinks I am SOOOO uncool – Eye roll is free! But this day in the park… I was asked to climb trees, and run through the dancing flowers and roll in the grass… with her. She asked me to do this. And I happily agreed. I was included in her adventures in Central Park, I picked flowers with her and she laughed at my jokes and let me kiss her and snuggle and when she fell and skinned her knee she let me hold her and cried on my shoulder. THIS IS A GIFT! A GIFT folks. I felt so full of love this day…just being included in Lily’s fun creative world as a partner .. and not her “rule-enforcing-not eating-candy-all-day -sooo-not-cool” mom. Most day’s I am not cool… but this day among the dancing flowers… I was totally cool! New York City

Tis the season folks… pack up your picnic basket and head to the park!


And call me when you go… I’ll join you!