Back to School Fashions with Lands End

We’re talking back to school fashion here folks… because the fashion world is 5 leap years ahead of everyone. I mean…I WANT MY SUMMAH FIRST!

But I digress…

I was invited to preview the Back To School line with Lands End last week.

This fun kids back to school line is full of color + layers+ sequins to make that little kiddlet of yours looking fierce amongst his or her peers!

Lands End has a really fab technology called Iron Knee – This is where they have reinforced the knees of their pants … mainly for boys… so they don’t rip. Pretty genius. The ‘iron knee’ is seamless and very soft and blended into the fabric in the knee area.


I am loving the mixing of patterns. Lily  is the pattern mixologist champ! She’s never met a pattern she didn’t mix with another fellow pattern!  PolkaDots are STILL going strong … no complaints here!20130430-081715.jpg

Notice that cute backpack… it has fab details like a leather strap and mod pattern, reinforced fabric PLUS a special zipper at the bottom for stinky shoes. YES! 20130430-081735.jpg

Put a Bird on it… This cute Owl skirt is the best! And sequins Boots lined with soft faux fur… i love this! 20130430-081750.jpg

The Boys line is a bit of prep meets practical. Love the fall colors and all this plaid. We’re mad about Plaid! ( sorry I had to say that! )20130430-081807.jpg


Sequins shirts for everyone! You know me and glitter… never enough. This shirt is a WIN! 20130430-081832.jpg

Notice all the cute accessories.. head band, clips, and this bow tie! Skull and crossbones… you need this! 20130430-081845.jpg

Your kid has uniforms? Lands End has you covered and remember how I told you about IRON KNEE… these uniform pants have it as well. 20130430-081923.jpg

This leopard print cardigan with red jeans… I want this whole outfit in ME size.


As you can see Land’s End has your kiddies back when it comes to going back to school in style! Clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes  – all of which can be personalized with your kids name or initials.

Back to school shopping is right around the corner folks… I hope you keep Lands End in mind.

*I was not paid for this post. I did receive a swag bag filled with goodies from Lands End