Brooklyn Charm – a bead store grows in Brooklyn

This weekend we stopped into Brooklyn Charm, a sweet little bead shop in Williamsburg.

I have an unhealthy obsession with beads and jewelry making. I can roam through bead stores for hours and be totally in my creative element.


Brooklyn Charm is so well curated with some of the coolest charms and beads I’ve seen. I had to limit myself to 30 minutes in there otherwise my brain was going to explode from all the possibilities.



I mean NY state charms.. how cool! They actually have all 50 states in a smaller size.


Rows and rows and rows of gorgeous pieces. I can’t wait to make my mom something for Mother’s day! Brooklyn Charm also has a ton of classes for $40 each and the price includes your supplies. 20130429-100409.jpg


I can’t wait to take Lily here. She will looove it just as much as I do.. except the prices are a bit steep. So… she might have to dig into her piggy bank.

Maybe the prices are steep because it’s so well curated with only choice beads in here. You know if you are serious about going into the jewelry making biz you should head to the west 30’s to get your fill of endless stores of beads and jewels and everything your heart desires.20130429-100441.jpg


I picked up a few somethings to make a sweet charm for a dear friend of mine. And love picking out things that reflect her and her interests! 20130429-103217.jpg

Go checkout Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg and at the Chelsea Market. It’s where hipster beads go to live!

And go Make Something!! 

*I was not paid for this post*