Surprising Weekend Foodie Find on Long Island

Matt and I loooove to eat good food. We know food and are always on the quest to discover new spots. Being in the NYC metro area this is never a challenge. There is no shortage of foodie finds for the two of us.


However, since moving to Long Island we have been unlucky in finding a resto we like or would frequent. And this stinks because there is nothing I love more than a long drawn out meal with exciting food and a vibe and all that.

Word on the street was that there was a new wine bar in town …UVA ROSSA.


Lily had a dinner at a friend’s house and it was just Matt and me and the baby so we popped in to see what this new spot was all about.


We started off with FRIED spaghetti and sea salt…this was JUST the snack sitting at the bar. and if you have not had fried spaghetti with sea salt… you’re missing something gooooood.


Next, we ordered a cocktail and a glass of wine and a few ‘small plates”. UVA ROSSA is VERY generous with their small plates.{because…well… ummm.. look at the picture below… small plate? } The food was perfectly seasoned and marinated and the bread was fresh out of the oven. Good stuff kids!


We only had a few tapas but will be heading back for a full dinner soon.

Finding this great foodie spot so nearby was really great. Sometimes it just take a moment of good food and good vibes to shake you of your every-day days ya know.


Uva Rossa is fairly new.. 2 weeks… so the service was kinda wonky. The staff is young and maybe a bit inexperienced but give it a few and head over there… totally worth it!


*Was not paid for this. Just wanted to share*