Off to work

I’m back at work part time. But leaving the little man with a sitter just pulls at my heart.
Thom is 19 weeks and he can’t really even hold his head up all the way and he eats and sleeps and smiles and poops all the time! And his sweet face just melts my heart.
It very healthy for me to be out of the house twice a week. My mind is refreshed and I’m around intelligent people who inspire me and make me laugh and think. All great things for my overall wellness.
But a piece of my heart is always left back home with my little man Thom.


Every morning when Lily heads off to school I hold my breath until she comes home. My mind is with her all day wondering what kind of day she’s having. Are kids being nice to her. Is her teacher kind. Did she eat her lunch.

It never stops.
Like my grandmother says – leave it in gods hands.
I will.