Make Something Monday – DIY screenprint on canvas

Matt’s grandmother used to sing this sweet song.

I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck…

While looking for artwork for the nursery, the phrase ” a bushel and a peck” kept creeping up in my mind. I wanted to have something simple to offset the colorful toys and blankets and everything else in the room.

So I screen printed the phrase on canvas using black inky against a white background. simple.

I know it’s not Monday…but I am REALLY trying to get myself motivated to continue my MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay series. 

DIY Screenprint

Here’s how:


  • Canvas – bought at craft store. pick any size you want.
  • Paint – acrylic
  • Foam brush
  • Exacto knife for cutting paper.
  • Freezer paper
  • Tape
  • Iron
  • Printer

Ok now you have your goods.

Ready to get started?

STEP 1 – On Microsoft Word create your graphic. In this case I printed the words – A BUSHEL AND A PECK using VERANDA BOLD font at 150. Page set up Horizontal.

STEP 2 – Print your doc and space it the way you want on your canvas. On a self-healing craft cutting mat lay your printed copy down and roll out the freezer paper on top to trace. Make sure the shiny side is down and the matte side is facing up. Use tape to hold everything in place.


STEP 3- You can trace the letters onto the freezer paper with a pencil before cutting or do what I did… cut right on top of the trace using your exacto knife. Use tape to keep everything in place. This takes time so be patient. Also use a ruler to get those edges sharp.


STEP 4- Once all your letters are cut out, position the cut out freezer paper on your canvas. Make sure the shiny side is down and the matte side is facing up.Tape down the edges to keep everything in place.


STEP 5- Iron the freezer paper to the canvas. I used a HIGH setting and did a quick iron. Use a hard bound book to place under the canvas to give it something to iron against. You want the freezer paper to stick right against the canvas this prevents bleeding of the paint. Don’t over will melt the shiny layer of the freezer paper.


STEP 6- Using your foam brush DAB – NOT BRUSH – DAB your acrylic paint on the negative spaces. You can do two coats if you want. But let the first coat fully dry before adding the second.



STEP 7- Wait for the paint to dry and slowly peel the freezer paper.

STEP 8- Place in your fave place for all to enjoy!


MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – is to encourage you to be creative on the weekends. Spend time making something with your family, your friends or by yourself.