By The Seashore

Lily, Thom and I threw caution to the wind and headed to the beach yesterday.


It WAS 50 degrees but the wind was blowing and we were on the water and it was slightly chilly.. like “maybe we shouldn’t have taken the baby out there” chilly. But we did anyway and it was…



I’m a beach baby. I love the water. It calms me. and these days’ Matt’s been super busy and Lily has been home for Spring Break and the baby hasn’t been sleeping… it’s been a lot.


Those waves and the smell of the ocean really calmed me yesterday.

The big trucks were out trying to clean up the damage from Hurricane Sandy and get the beach ready for the summer.


Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk at Long Beach, NY. There is a HUGE effort underway to get the boardwalk up and running before summer. I hope they succeed. The short time we have lived here, I have really enjoyed the boardwalk and cant wait to stroll about with the little man when it gets warmer.


Lily finds herself at home at the beach as well.


It was too cold to jump into the waves… as tempting as it was. So she happily spent her time carefully selecting and collecting seashells.



She sings while she does this and every once in a while the chill ocean breeze would blow in just the right direction as if to deliver her songs right to me.


She’s a magical being… my Lily. Her sense of wonder and adventure rivals that of the best poets and storytellers.


My Dear Lily ~ Never lose your magic and may you always find your way collecting seashells.