Vampires over the Weekend

I have a love affair with New York City.

Even though I moved to New York after college a decade ago, I feel like I grew up here. Matt and I got married, I went through a gazillion dance gigs, and even gazillioner auditions, I built my dance company, we had many successes, I met some fascinating people who I am so glad to call friends, I ate at the best restaurants and learned all about AMAZING food and farm to table agriculture, we had Lincoln Duncan our Newfoundland, we had Lily,we lost Lily, we got Lily back,  we lost Lincoln Duncan our Newfoundland, we had Jonah our Saint Bernard, we had Thom.

We lived and we grew up and continue to grow.

I feel as if New York City has held my hand through all of this and even though New York can have a bad rep… us New York peeps know that this city is one that holds you up and keeps you inspired even when the going gets ..not going.

I am such a fan of the band Vampire Weekend and their new song STEP has the best music video. It’s how I see New York… in black and white and as a sweet dear friend who’s walking with you in the rain. There’s always a beautiful nostalgic romance to this city.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous song and music video as much as I do.

I could get lost in this video.