Paris is for lovers…

Last year at this time Matt and I were in Paris.



I never got around to sharing my gorgeous pics because I was preggers and was sick all the time and had no motivation for doing much of anything.

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So here are some of my faves.


Lovers bridge.376677_4359241099677_691836895_n



Shenanigans at the Sacre Coeur… One of my many favorite spots in Paris. Yes my preggers self climbed all the way to the top! 394765_4359269140378_581425573_n 422299_4359287700842_1365389600_n

Being pregnant while in Paris is not good if you like to eat I do. I didn’t want to take any chances and so passed up on some amazing treats…like this escargot. Matt ate for me and I enjoyed vicariously through him. But then again people are pregnant in Paris all the time and eat escargot and yummy unpasteurized cheeses right?483351_4359326101802_1663297653_n

I was about 18-20 weeks pregnant and remember feeling the first ‘flutters’. I thought I was having a bit of an anxiety attack. But looked it up online and yep.. the first baby movements in ma bellie! In Paris! 483266_4359271500437_251666112_n

I loved looking back through these pics and reliving our week in Paris. Ah Paris… such romance and beauty and history. I can’t wait to go back again… when I’m not preggers.


I’ve been to Paris before…on tour for dance… but this was the first time with Matt. So romantic and just wonderful. Maybe when the littles are big and have their own lives Matt and I will go live in this gorgeous city for a few months.

More pics to come soon with a recap of our entire trip, where we stayed, what we ate…biking through Versailles…the works.


Today as the rain is falling outside my window, I’m going to pretend I’m in Paris… because rain in Paris is much more romantic than rain in the New York burbs!