Sleepless nights and jellie bellies

I’m pretty convinced that Thom has started teething or “gumming” or a growth spurt in his mouth or something because between the extra amounts of drool that compete with Jonah’s slobber and the restless nights and the chomping on everything in sight… he’s been a bit of an eatie monster lately.


He hasn’t slept through the night for 2 nights now. he gives us about 4 hours each night, which I know is good but he’s been clocking in a good 7 -8 hours for the past few weeks. He won’t let me put him down so I have him strapped onto one of the many body harness things I have and we just walk around and jam out to some old skool hip hop while toning my arms and working on some plies!


This no sleeping business is making me one grumpy mom. Being home with a newborn is tough on the ole noggin. Not much going on in the conversation department and the repetition of cleaning and changing diapers can play mind tricks on ya.


But then I look at this jellie bellie and that smile and it’s all erased.

This time is going to go by so fast.  This little guy is 15 weeks already. I mean 15 weeks ago we were all anxiously waiting to see what was going to come out… and as Lily says, ” I’m so glad he is the one who came out”. { but when she’s mad at him for crying and disturbing her sweet slumber… she is quick to say, ” i wish he was not the one who came out”. }


Well Thom my little man-man…I’m glad you’re the one who came out too!