Art Happenings

Walking through the streets of New York City is inspiring and wakes the sleeping artistic beast..if you will.

Over the weekend as we strolled around Greenwich Village Lily decided to create her own happening.

She sat in every chair she saw for 4 blocks.

I love this idea… and as I was going through these pics i realized that she sat at some pretty iconic NYC Greenwich Village chairs.

I love repetition in design and in choreography. So here is a little motif and development for your monday.




sitting outside the Little Marc Jacobs store on Bank St.


sitting outside Murray’s Cheese Shop. possibly the best cheese shop in all of NYC.



This whole series was all Lily’s idea. I did not prompt her. …my little artist!

I encourage you to see the art possibilities around you. Maybe a little motif and development of your own as you are out and about.

Have an artful week everyone!