Is he a baby or my retirement plan?

I was standing in line at Michaels Arts and Crafts earlier this week and something very bizarre happend. So i’m going to take to the blogosphere to see if this is how things really are in the great big world.

Thom and I were out and about running errands and found ourselves at the craft store to pick up some canvas… for a fun project I’m working on… deets coming soon.

The New York Mom

As we stood in line, there were a couple of women in their 70’s standing behind us. I’m guessing 70’s purely on visual intake. So they could be really partied out 28-year-old’s for all I know.

One lady ( lady #1)  says: ” oh what a sweet baby. He’s a boy right?”
Me: Yes, he’s a boy. He’s 12 weeks.
Lady #1: What a sweet face.
(Thom, who can now see people, smiles one of his magical smiles.)
Lady #1: and new Lady #2: Aww, what a smile.
Lady#1: He’s gonna take good care of his mama.
Lady#2: Oh yes he is.. he’s gonna be mama’s caretaker
Lady#1: He will make sure his mama doesn’t grow old alone and will take good care of her.Oh yes you wil. 
Lady #2: Oh yes he will, he’s gonna be with his mama all his life. 
Lady#2: Gesturing toward Lady #1 – Her son takes really good care of her. Buys her really nice things and does everything for her. Takes her trips. 
Me( in my head): WHAT THE HELL -O !

This went on for a while. With Lady#1 and Lady#2 going on and on about how this TWELVE WEEK OLD BABE is going to make sure I am OK in life and is going to be my prince and my savior

my savior from what?

and Matt’s my prince…

and why the drama pressure ladies?

The New York Mom

So it made me think… do boys grow up with this unmentioned pressure to not only care for their future traditional families – wife, dog, kids – AND now to support their moms’ and not let them “grow old alone”.

I have a brother. he absolutely dotes over my mom. I often times think about his relationship with my mom and wonder if mine will be similar with Thom. Does my brother feel pressure to take care of my mom?

My siblings and I all have a close relationship with my mom and grandmother. It’s all we have really. And we are all close. I’ve never defined this in boy/girl terms and there was never a pressure that I felt growing to do or be anything.

So is this a generational statement and mentality? Does the older generation expect this from their kids/grandkids?

The New York Mom

Meanwhile… i don’t have any expectations of Thom. He just needs to be who he wants to be.. no pressure.

He’s my baby… not my retirement plan.

Matt on the other hand… he’s my prince!

What do you think?