Baby’s first year – 3 Months

This little man is 3 months young this week. 3 months already. I can’t believe it!


He’s started chattering… and his smiles are glorious. He looks at me as if I were THE most beautiful girl he’s every seen. ( he hasn’t been out much;)

He still doesn’t do much in the entertainment department. Sleeps, eats, smiles and poops. That’s about it.

Thom is pretty chill, doesn’t really cry and has these HUGE pouty-lip moments where he is thinking about crying but then changes his mind, when he wants my attention he lets out a big giant… pterodactyl style screech!… too cute for words.

The New York Mom

His face absolutely lights up when Lily walks into a room. And if he hears her talking he stares right at her and tries to talk back.

He has discovered his hands these days… well maybe not discovered but has a wee bit of control over them, They don’t just bop around and hit him in the face all the time…although I have to say that was really cute too.

ny mom

Since he can see farther than his arm these days…he is making friends everywhere he goes. Kinda like, ” hi there, I can see you. and hi, I can see you too”.

With his smiles and his soft coos, this little MOTO is a charmer!

Happy 3 months Little Man-Man!