A sweet treat on a silly ole Thursday

Today Matt picked up Lily from school and made a stop at the donut shop to pick up some sweet treats for all of us… what a wonderful thing for a silly old Thursday!

New York Mom

My day is split in two on the weekdays… from 8:15am-3pm I have a quiet, often times boring day… baby duty, cleaning up, trying to work online or rather create work online, roam the mall for exercise because it’s so dang cold in NY these days and this madness has to stop because my bones and my sanity can’t take the cold and I’m about to freeze for all eternity… i digress.

After Lily comes home… we have the homework, the dinner prep, the dinner, the lull between dinner and bedtime, bedtime routine and then bed!

So I welcomed the sweet donuts this evening… an unexpected little something to get me going for the second half of the day! The sugar has got me so high… I might even do laundry!

I kid I kid! I’m not THAT high!

How do you split up your day… and how about a sweet treat on a silly ole Thursday?