Antojeria La Popular: Killer Mexican Tapas


On a cold rainy New York evening, Matt, Lily, Thom and I headed over to Antojeria La Popular in NOLITA for an early evening snack. NOLITA = North of Little Italy.


Matt and I are total self-professed foodies. From my years as a Concierge at one of NYC’s most fab boutiques hotels in Soho to our natural love of good food… Matt and I have had our share of fab food finds in NYC… and continue to do so… with the littles in tow.


This Nolita hot spot serves Mexican tostadas and ceviches tapas style plus a dozen takes on Mexican hot chocolate.


An antojito (Spanish pronunciation: [antoˈxito]) is a Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving (Spanish: antojo), and translates literally as “little whim”. Many antojitos have become regional icons of Mexican cuisine and can be found in almost every region, although there are a few local variants that are exclusive to a specific place. An antojito does not count as a full meal, but an appetizer, even though portions are large and substantial. Antojitos are frequently consumed on the streets or markets and considered informal cheap food.


Antojeria La Popular is known for its Sangria and Fried Cricket Tostadas which we of course just HAD to try.

Lily loved them. Matt will eat anything. I am up for anything …but when it comes to eating bugs…not my cup of tea!

Just so I could look fearless in front of Lily… and out of curiosity… I ate half of a cricket… AND of course… a wing got stuck between my teeth and that was it for me.

They tasted salty, and crunchy… but good. surprisingly yummy. You should try fried crickets sometime.


We had the tasting menu… food was fresh and flavorful with a wide variety of offerings. I had the white sangria and found it refreshing… though nothing to call home about.

If you head over to Antojeria La Popular I recommend going with friends… sans kids. It’s not that the spot is not kid friendly.. the vibe and menu just does not cater toward that. And besides… you are a being without your kids remember!


Antojeria La Popular is a funky little cozy spot in the heart of Nolita and the tapas are perfect for pre dinner tastings. It’s mexican street food’s gone indoors. The vibe is that of a local spot. As we dined, several groups of diners came in..some sat at the bar and seemed to be regulars. Most ordered the fried crickets and sangria. We felt very comfortable and settled right into our meals and sangria as the rain came down outside.


For more info and to make your reservations go —> HERE

*I was not paid for this post but was invited to dine here for purposes of this review*