How about the MET on a Saturday!

It’s been BITTER cold in New York lately and when you have kids who need to be engaged and entertained on the weekends, there’s not much to do outdoors. Fortunately there is no shortage of indoor entertainment in this great state.


We have been doing the museum rounds. One of our favorite things to do.



Last weekend we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and met up with Aunt Becky!




Lily loves museums. We have been taking her to museums since day one. and every year we see her level of appreciation for the exhibits deepen as she’s able to understand in fuller ways the work of the artist or the era of the art.




Her favorite part of the Met are the mummies. It’s always our first stop.




She is fascinated by the history, the process… the mythical qualities… I guess you can call it mythical right. So much mystery behind the mummies.




We like to play i-spy at the museum. Find some of your favorite paintings and have your child find little objects in them. This is a great way to teach kids about art and when they are in that Art History class in college they will thank you for it!



The MET cannot possibly be seen in one day and we love that. It’s our go to place in the winter months… and summer months… all year really!

Next time we’re bringing sketch books so we can work on sketching technique.




There is no shortage of wonder at the Metropolitian Museum of Art. Matt and I both know a thing or two about the arts and I love sharing my knowledge of strange artist behavior with Lily. She of course loves these bits of wacky info and is quick to share her new-found knowledge with whoever is closest to her at the moment.



Lily picked out some religious Mother Mary statues for Nana. She said Nana would be so happy to get something so beautiful and old.


Aunt Becky took some pics of the four of us. the FOUR! I STILL can’t believe that we are a family of 4! so cool!



There is also a fab cafe on one of the floors of the museum and they used to have Jazz on certain evenings. Matt and I did this during our “pre-kids” era. I used to go to the met to find inspiration for dance pieces I was working on… or just decompress. Nothing like strolling through those gorgeous rooms with priceless art to soothe the soul.

Spring is right around the corner right…. i mean the groundhog did see its shadow or didn’t… not sure what means what. I can’t wait to go play outside and go hiking and ride my bike..until then…we have the MET! 

If you are looking for things to do with kids in NYC then the MET is one of your MUSTS!

More info here —> Metropolitan Museum of Art

* I was not paid for this post. just sharing my travel and weekend adventures*