Are you flourishing?

This week I was asked… ARE YOU FLOURISHING?

What a mind-boggling question!

I mean who says, are you flourishing? The usual is… How are you? How goes it? How now brown cow? You doing ok? You feeling alright? Everything going good these days? Sup?… but… are you flourishing?


So, am I flourishing?

Yes. I can honestly, fully and with every inch of my being say.. YES. I am flourishing. I am flourishing in a way that I have not in years!

photo (4)

I am blessed beyond …beyondsome… with riches in my life. Riches in family, in friends and in love.

I AM flourishing. I’m gaining a sense of self on the daily.  From the simplest of ways – learning to cook… to the complex – patience.

photo (1)

I am owning my ‘stay at home” ness. My “in pj’s until 2pm” ness. My “no social life” ness. and my “no sleep till Brooklyn” ness.

photo (3)

I do…however.. wish I were dancing. But I know I am EXACTLY where I need to be in this time and space in life. And I am OWNING this!

photo (2)

And thanks for asking.

So now I ask you… are YOU flourishing?