Few of my favorite things – Weekly round up

Lots of fun things to keep you smiling and thinking this weekend.

  1. The BEST ever time waster.. ever ever ever!!! You can thank me by sending me massages! Check out —> INCREDIBOX
  2.  From back in the day.. a little hip hop for yer soul..courtesy of one very dapper Jimmy Fallon and Dance Machine Justin Timberlake.
  3. My college friend Jessica Wilt is a SUPER arts advocate and she wrote this gorgeous and truthful article about her teaching experience. Take a minute to read it. It will surely bring a salty tear to your eye. – Why we teach “those people”
  4. I made this really cool thing and it came out EXACTLY like it was supposed to. If you know me… i usually lose interest in projects and never finish what I start. But this one I rocked! Dino Jewelry Holder
  5. Read this article about “hipsters’ moving to suburbia -Westchester County (where I JUST moved from) and then read THIS rebuttal. Word!

Have a great weekend everyone! Lily and I are off to the ballet this weekend! Oh fun!