Make Something Monday – DIY- Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

I know it’s not Monday… but I really want to keep my Make Something Monday’s going and hopefully this will give me the push to be consistent.

So over the weekend… and through the week… I made the coolest jewelry holder EVER!

It’s super easy and the end result is amazing!

So give it a try. Here we go:

Step One: Gather up your supplies:


*note* – I initially wanted to wallpaper the wooden base but decided mid-project to add some color. Switched it up. *

  • Dinosaurs from DollarTree
  • A wooden board – craft store- premade although you could cut one yourself.
  • Paint – I choose Gold Spray paint for the plastic dinos and a teal paint for the base.
  • Glue – I use’s the best! But really toxic- there is a giant warning on the tube- but it’s REEEAALLLY good. Just keep away from kids and air the room out after.
  • Knife – To cut the dinos in half.
  • Brush – to brush on the glue

Step 2: Cut the dinos in half..right on the seam. I used a small pairing knife. use a sawing motion when cutting the seam.



Step 3: Spray paint your dinos any color you want. Spray paint works’s even and sticks to plastic really well. I did this outside in the snow (actually I made Matt do it. It’s waaaay too cold in NY these days)


Step 4: Paint the wooden base any color you want.


Step 5: Wait for paint to dry.

Step 6: Use your E6000 glue to glue your dino heads to the board. I used a measuring tape to measure my dinos and get them evenly spaced out.


Step 7: Hang some jewels on it and you are done!


Voila!!! Happy Making everyone!!! I am making a few of these for my friends and their kids and one for my sis who is a big kid!