Entering the “emotional” parenting years

Lily and I have a weekly coffee shop date. It’s our time to chat and catch up on the day and just be together.

This week has been a challenge with Lily. I noticed on Monday night that she really hadn’t engaged with me all day. After school she did her homework and then buried her nose in a book which i thought was wonderful and she sang songs and did her usual things around the house. Matt had a meeting at night so I put her to bed and all was good… but she didn’t say much to me.

Tuesday. similar thing. She talks and chats with Matt and all is normal.. just with me… she’s been distant.

photo (6)

Today we headed over to our coffee shop for our weekly date.

She gave me “whatever mom” looks ( never done this before), pretended to not know what I was talking about, didn’t engage about school, and then finally got frustrated with me so much so that we had to abruptly leave the coffeeshop.


I don’t know what’s going on. Not sure this is “bullying in school” situation. She’s still her cheery self, and is absolutely lovey with matt …as usual. Maybe it’s that she sees me with the babe all the time and it’s effecting her. Maybe she feels I’m spending too much time with Thom and not enough with her.


Have we entered the TWEEN years.

I think so.

I remember when I was teaching dance as a teaching artists in public schools in NYC… the 8 – 10 year olds were the worst! they were too cool, too confused, still kids trying to grow up… too much.

I bribed Lily with a yoohoo and chocolate cake… to make her like me today…or to maybe get close to her.. or so she would throw me a life line… but of course that didn’t work.

Maybe I’ve entered the “emotional” parenting years. The first part of parenting is teaching your kids how to do things..like use the potty, not to touch the stove, tie shoelaces, get dressed, brush their teeth…etc… now comes the emotional part. The really hard stuff. How do I navigate through this maze of tweendom.. that has JUST begun!

Tonight we are working on valentines for her class… hope we can connect over some glue and glitter hearts… arts heals right.