Happy Birthday Lily!!!

Lily turned E I G H T last week!

8 years.

You’re eight years young!


Lily my sweetpea, you are the light of my life. You are caring and adventurous and sensitive and fearless. Absolutely fearless. The entire world is yours… all yours for the taking and you my Lilypie are going to take it. and change it. and make it better.

I just know you are destined for amazing things. this mind of yours cannot be stopped and your curiosity for  everything unconventional is going to take you places. You are a leader… a changer… you do not follow. You don’t read the directions before jumping into a project , yet somehow find a way for it to work. I love that!


One of our bathrooms is constantly cluttered with your science projects and often times we find you in there… “sciencing”. There are volcanoes being erupted, magic wands being made, crystals growing, dinosaurs hatching, and strange orb balls floating around in jars.


Your room is the perfect mix of you trying to grow up but yet still a child. From the dolls, to the stuffed animals who all have a name and story to the fancy chandelier that hangs from the middle of your ceiling… your personality just jumps out when we walk in.

Your fashion sense is enviable… the mix of colors and patterns and accessories can make for one fab style blog. Which quite possibly will be in your future.


You are a giver. You give of your heart (which will break many times through your life and i will always be here to hold you through those times). You give of your money – earlier this year you collected all your money and it added up to $40… this was more money than you had ever collected and saved… and one sunday you stuffed all of your $40, mostly coins, every single hard-earned penny… and put it in the church offering plate. You wanted to give it to the church because they were helping the homeless by having them stay at the church on cold winter nights.


You give of your time – with everything going on in your little world, you always make time to sit on the floor with Jonah and give him sweet kisses, or hold your baby brothers hand and give HIM sweet kisses or snuggle with daddy at any given moment.


Speaking of daddy… you leave him love notes all the time. Any surface you can write on… there usually is a love note to daddy attached.


You watch football with him and have picked up many of his mannerisms.. including saying  “dag-gum” when things don’t go your way. You share his taste in music… most times picking a classical, acapella or jazz piece over something more main stream.


You think Justin Beiber looks like a girl and One Direction is lame… YES!

Your food palate is growing… we added oysters, clams and benigets to your list of faves. You STILL put truffle oil on everything and love bacon.

While you have lost many of your “baby’ isms.. you still say Hippo-pomanus and I make you say this all the time… example:

me: If you have 1 Hippopotamus in one pond and 3 Hippopotamus in another pond, how many do you have total?

you: 4 hippo-pomanus-es-es

Soo cute!!!

Today you had a magical day. We woke up and had your favorite breakfast – waffles, eggs and bacon.


I made cupcakes for you and your classmates and they were a hit… your friends were impressed… and you felt proud of the old mamabean over here.

You came back from school to find the house decorated with streamers and a stack of presents on your bed. You looved your gifts… you REEEAAALLLY loved your gifts and that made me so happy. like i did something right and it worked and you approved.. because lots of times parents need their kids approval and no one tells you things like that but we do.


We went to the shake shack- your favorite- for your birthday dinner. when we came home I made you a great big bubble bath with candles and music. So grown up. I used some really good bubble bath and the bathroom smelled … grown up… not like your strawberry scented bubble bath. You are growing up.


b u t …. whenever i think of how “big girl” ish you behave sometimes… you do this….


and I remember that I still have the kid in you for a few more years… and then all is well.

My sweet Lily… I love you more everyday. And I love this adventure you are taking us on!