Skintags, and kidneys, and ultrasounds oh my!

A little P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) if you will…

Thom was born with a skin tag on his left ear. This apparently set off warning alarms to our doctors. “he might have a kidney issue” the Dr. at the hospital said.

You see the ears and the kidneys develop at the same time. So in recent years, medical research has found that there could be an issue with the kidney if the child is born with a skin tag on his ear.


We had the first ultra sound done a week after Thom was born and the doctors saw something in his kidney. They wanted to keep an eye on it so we headed back to the Urologist today for round 2.

Fortunately it was not anything to be alarmed about. Apparently very common. There is a little bit of pee in his kidney and the Dr. just needs to watch it.


Round 3 in September.

I didn’t know about this whole skin-tag/kidney thing it’s apparently the new big thing in baby knowledge. So if your kiddo has a skin tag on his/her ear go get it checked out!

*I am not a doctor. Do not take this as medical advice. I’m just a gal with a blog*