Few of my favorite things

I’m thinking maybe I’ll start a segment called – few of my favorite things. Maybe every friday, I’ll share with you things that made my week work.

So here we go:

1. Paper Tea Cups. Hooooow whimsical! I want to do this.. but the instructions look TRES difficult. sorta like a math problem… and I did not do well in math. But check out this great blog called – Next To Nicx – super fun stuff that you can just get lost looking through. Find this tutorial and templates for the teacups here –>Next To Nicx

Next To Nicx2. I’m such a fan of Sufjan Stephens… Lily knows so many of his songs and usually breaks into improv as soon as she hears it.. he’s the modern-day Phillip Glass in my book. That same feeling when you listen to his music. Well Sufjan Stevens has created music for a ballet for the NYCB..and I WISH i could see it. Here is the trailer. and note to self: I need to get back to dancing! Check it out –>  Year Of The Rabbit
3. All things green. In case you havent received the memo… Pantone’s color for 2013 is EMERALD… greeeeeen folks. I love green. and emerald… it’s just yum right! So get ready for all things green this season. I have already submitted 2 “green must haves” article to editors and it’s not even the end of January ( I’m a freelance beauty, fashion and trend writer y’all… in case you forgot…one of the many things in my bag o tricks.) 

Happy Weekend!