Where two or more are gathered…

I’ve been home A WHOLE LOT lately… on baby duty. Taking care of a baby is a FULL TIME job… it’s no joke… often times it can be incredibly boring and one can easily feel down in the dumps. Actually, who am I kidding… MOST times it is incredibly boring and MOST times I feel down in the dumps.

I have been decorating the house and unpacking from when we moved over the summer. This has given me a wee bit of creative energy… something other than changing diapers, feeding and rocking a crying baby.

While going through the house and getting my decor on… I realized how the material things we have in our house tell a story and make this place a home. A safe haven, a place to grow and a place where Matt and I are raising Lily and Thom and making memories…not just for us but for these littles.

In design. I like groupings. Something about seeing multiples is very interesting visually. I went around our house and captured a few groupings and remembered little stories about each of them.

I hope you enjoy my little anecdotes as much as I have enjoyed reflecting…

the-new-york-momA collection of odds and ends. The silver giraffe was given to us by a spunky old lady who lived a full life that read like a historic tragic story. The clear bottle we found under our 150 year old house we just moved from. wonder if someone was sneaking booze during the prohibition and then hid the bottle in the dirt under the house.

the-new-york-momA collection of dishes. Matt and I were really into square plates when we got married. These were wedding presents from our registry purchased at Pottery Barn… years later, I still love em. And the handmade glass ornaments have orange fish on them. The tea cups accompany matching saucers and purchased at a thrift shop for $20 years ago. Lily uses them for fancy tea parties.

the-new-york-momI looove these crystal candle holders. A wedding gift from our wedding a decade ago. We have used them for many a dinner party.

the-new-york-momOur new kitchen decor. Lily loves these cups… makes me happy looking at them!


Our collection of cookbooks… I especially love to pour through these on cold winter evenings like we have had lately.
photo (7)

Papier Mache Animal Heads… because Lily and I are obsessed. Purchased at Anthropologie. photo (8)

Matt and I accompanied my grandmother to India a few years ago. It was a trip of a lifetime. Matt had never been and I was so very excited to take him to all my childhood places. These papier-mache ornaments were purchased in Mysore… South India. We love these so much that during Christmas they adorn our tree and the rest of the year we display them in large glass jars. photo (9)

…because you can never have too many paint brushes. Art is an everyday activity in our house. Lily comes home from school, vacations, excursions in NYC and goes directly to her art desk to process and center herself. It’s her daily meditation i guess. There’s never a shortage of art supplies in our world.
photo (10)

A collection of goodies made by Lily. I especially love the eye! photo (11)Beautiful glass balls purchased on super clearance at Neiman Marcus fill a clay bowl that was handmade for us by my Sis-In-Law…who is a photographer in Brooklyn. Thanks Becky.


These candles have been with Matt and I for a decade! No joke… every time I look at them I have the best memories. Before Lily came along, Matt and I would light these candles on cold winter evenings and pour ourselves a glass of wine, snuggle up with our giant Newfoundland and watch the snow fall in sheets outside our window. Two summers ago, during Hurricane Irene, My siblings and their spouses came to our house to escape the hurricane and we stayed up all evening and night playing board games…by candle light provided by these very candles. This past fall when Hurricane Sandy hit New York we lost power for 2 weeks and these very candles lit our evenings as we told stories and played card games and assembled legos… the best memories. IMG_5543

Butterflies flutter around Lily’s room. A hanging carousel purchased at pottery Barn Kids. IMG_5544We found these birds in New Orleans last summer. Lily loved them because these are the varieties that visit our garden every year. They now nest in our guest bedroom.


Our latest grouping… elephants in the nursery. We have asked our friends and family who come over to make elephants which we then have hung on the nursery wall. It’s everyone’s own interpretation of an elephant. There are glittered elephants, decoupaged elephants, hand drawn elephants… each full of love. We’re looking forward to adding many more to this collage.

I’m blessed to have these material things that narrate my memories. Where two or more are gathered…. there you will find love.

What groupings do you have in your home? What stories do they tell?