My Favorite Coffee Date

With so much focus on the baby lately, I wanted to create a few things just for Lily and me. So we can have our own time together and start little traditions and rituals.

Our little town has the cutest coffee shop and the owner of this coffee shop has started an initiative to get more business to our town and create a community vibe and all those fab community building concepts. And i totally support that.

So Lily and I have been heading over to the coffee shop after school on occasion to have a late afternoon coffee, tea or orange juice and a pastry as we settle in to do our homework. She does her math and english as I check in on emails.

We chat and catch up on the day. She checks out all the college kids and some high school kids doing their homework and comments on the scene. We talk about  at school and what goes on in the playground. – Which BTW if I ever run into this Winston kid he better watch out! 


These moments are precious and I hold them so very dear to my heart. Lily is turning 8 in a few weeks and sometimes I do get the eye roll and a “oh mom -sigh, eye roll, talk to the hand, OMG you are embarrassing me” look. So the moments when she talks to me as if I am one of her friends is like GOLD…pure Dubai style GOLD I tell ya!

In the coming weeks we have a movie night, baking night, night at the museum and are planning a great big hike in the spring to one of our most favorite spots in the Hudson Valley. I can’t wait!

Do you have specials things you do with your kids? How has this changed or stayed the same as they grow up?