I found a diaper bag!!!

Picking out a diaper bag is fairly similar to buying a car… it’s defining.  What kind of bag did you buy, what color, is it bulky, is it practical, is it fashionable, is it budget friendly.. what does your diaper bag say about you?

So on my budget friendly quest for finding the perfect diaper bag… I have been dragging Matt and Lily all over the mall. I wanted to stay under $100. I even considered buying a regular bag and turning it into a diaper bag. This lasted about a day. The milk from the bottle leaked, the lack of compartments made the bag a black hole of diapers and wipes and burp cloths. It just didn’t work.

So late at night when Thoms was sleeping on my chest, I would look through all my online go to’s for a diaper bag that fit my under $100 budget.

Gilt has a fab sale right now by the way… you should check out their amazing bags. Most under $120.

Finally one night, on Nordstrom.com I found the PERFECT BAG!! For $170 The Timi and Leslie Hayley Diaper Bag. 

I couldn’t bring myself to spend $170 on a diaper bag! Just couldn’t do it. I mean… I’m lugging around DIAPERS and smelly clothes for crying out loud.

After looking around the internet I found the EXACT SAME BAG for $99 at Buy Buy Baby. The EXACT bag y’all!! Regular price..not on sale.

SO off I went this morning, with my 20% off coupon.

BAM! Got the bag. 20% off… with Tax.. I bought it for a cool $86! WOOHOO! And I have drinking money to spare.

Timi and leslie Hayley

I love this bag.  It’s fashionable, doesn’t look like a diaper bag and has compartments and comes with an insulated bottle bag, a wet bag for smelly clothes after poop blowouts and a small purse for your wallet and phone and keys! I also love that you can wear this as a tote or use the longer straps for a crossbody. LOVE!

timi and leslie hayley diaper bag

The bag comes in Black and Brown. I picked the brown. It will age nicer I think.

Ok everyone… happy diaper bag shopping!

Here is the official company image for the bag. Much nicer than my random shots!

timiandlesliehayleybag* I was not paid for this post. I just know how tough it can be to balance style and function and dirty diapers. Here is my solution! under budget!! *