La Leche League – FAIL

So basically at the end of my FIRST La Leche League meeting, I walked away from it feeling like everything I’m doing is wrong.

Since I was having so much trouble with breastfeeding, my friends recommended I attend a La Leche League meeting. So I did.

After getting the welcome speech, the leader asked me if I had anything I would like to chat about. I told her all about my breastfeeding struggles. I told her about how I stuck with it for 2 weeks until I realized that the baby just wasnt getting any food… the baby was crying I was crying… it was not good… And after lots of research and talking to my doctor I decided to supplement with formula. The leader said, I should feed all day all the time and the milk will come. So I asked her if she recommend a certain brand of formula… she kinda snickered and said, that’s like asking me if Burger King is better than McDonald’s. ( Ummm. McDonald’s. Duh! )

Then I said, I gave the baby a pacifier the other night because I just needed some sleep. And she said the baby is going to have ear infections and tubes in his ears because studies have shown that babies with pacifiers have ear infections.

We talked about pumping and according to her.. I should be attached to my pump all the time… LIKE ALL DAY. because you never know. This is impossible.

After all this, I asked her for her advice. Anything she can recommend, maybe I am doing something wrong. I mean this WAS a La Leche League meeting right? She shrugged her shoulders and said, I don’t really know. I didn’t have these problems. It all depends on the baby. 

She asked about my delivery experience and I told her all about it and how amazing it was. With a sweet smile she said… that’s a lot of drugs. The baby was born with a lot of drugs in his system. Maybe going natural would have been better. So that was a fail too.

I don’t “baby wear’ enough. My sleep training is wrong…the baby is ONE MONTH…  I haven’t started the sleep training yet… I should dance in circles in the rain and chant something is Sanskrit. I don’t know.. she read me my rights on all the things I was doing wrong!


Now before I go off having a hissy fit… as if i haven’t already… let me say… this is nothing against the La Leche League organization. They have a TON of valuable info online and I have found their website very helpful. I think I just caught a dud meeting.

I spent the day pretty bummed out. It really is not easy being home all day with a newborn and not really having anyone to talk to and then the added frustration of not being able to produce milk and just boredom really.

Will I try another meeting? Not at this location. I might head to another neighboring town. But it does seem like the la Leche Leaguers are pretty holistic naturalists… who maybe might judge my formula feeding, drug induced delivery and have somethings to say? Not sure I want to go down that road.

*I know a ton of women who have had really positive experiences with La Leche League. And I have to emphasis that I DID find their online resources very helpful. Just caught the wrong leader.*