One Month Birthday!

Hard to believe it’s been one whole month since the MOTO came out of the bellie!


He has changed soooo much in this month. His face has filled out… he cries for real real now, he pees on his face and even my face on occasion.  Ah the adventures with boys!

This is the first week without our moms and dads and grandmas and sisters and brothers visiting. It’s been such a great December with all our family in town. My mom and grandma swooped down the week Thoms was born and totally took over everything. From doing every bit of laundry to cleaning and cooking and even taking care of me when I was super sick for a few days… nothing like being catered to by my mommy!


Life has changed in these parts and… the adventure is JUST beginning.


Lily is on cloud nine… she has her moments of “no one is paying attention to me” but for the most part… she loves having a brother and has been such a help. Heart melting moments when she holds his tiny hand in hers and says… “Hi Thomas’ . Or when we skype with our family and she says… this is my baby brother.



Jonah is obsessed with the baby. Everytime the baby cries, Jonah runs over and sticks his head INSIDE the crib to soothe Thoms. It’s his natural “nursing – alpine rescue dog” instinct. except someone needs to tell him that we are not in the alps and no one is stuck in the snow. But eh.. whatever… I’ll let him go with it. We all need our tasks in life and a reason to wake up in the morning.

New York Mom

We’ve been waiting for a smile from Thoms because all we get are old man grumpy faces or eyes going all different directions crossed eyed… which is pretty amusing. His grumpy faces are so intense… and so dramatic… you’d think the world was falling to pieces by his expression..but I guess in his little brain the world IS falling to pieces if mama doesn’t pick him up.

photo (4)

We all sit around and watch him smile in his sleep and his sleepy smiles just fill his little face to the absolute brim with a happiness only a baby can exude. How awesome that in our lives… we stop to soak in the smile of a newborn. How special is this moment that everything just stops as we wait to catch this most significant of gestures. and when we do … it just fills our heart with the purest of joy.

I remember Lily having sleep smiles… and I remember thinking how magical they were. She would actually laugh in her sleep. My grandmother says, ” they’re talking to angels” They must be.

And today I even caught a slight glimpse of a fleeting smile… and it was not gas!


Yes I am running on rationed sleep these days, yes my hair has not been brushed in a handful of days, yes I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for 3 days now, yes I live in my pj’s, Yes going to target is meditation… but I am so happy. We are all balanced and all is right in our world.

Happy Birthday Thoms… You have such a fab future ahead of you! And your sis is the coolest kid in town!