Ann Hamilton: the event of a thread

Humans are effected by visuals, by senses and by experiences. We all take in sights and sounds everyday and stash them away for use at a later time. These experiences affect us without us even knowing. Our surroundings and experiences shape our thinking and overall engagement with one another. Inspiration can strike from said visuals at any given moment and the more you expose yourself to new experiences the richer your creative mind will be.


Imagine what being exposed to the arts does for kids. Their minds are totally uninhibited, new and waiting to be fed. Their creative thoughts are full of new concepts  just aching to be released into the world… and isn’t it great that we as parents get to share this with them on the daily!


Lily is exposed to all kinds of new and experimental art… between dragging her to dance rehearsals, video shoots, or just taking her along with me to the latest movement  installation in downtown Manhattan, her creative mind is constantly being fed.


Last weekend we caught the Ann Hamilton Installation at the Park Avenue Armory. I love the Armory, my dance company was granted a rehearsal space grant years ago and I loved being in the space with that history and grandeur.


If you haven’t made it to the Ann Hamilton show… Get THEE TO THE ARMORY ASAP!

The visual scope of this interactive installation is pure magic and kids all the way to old grandpa’s are just magically transformed into new innocent beings just by stepping into this installation. While the overall concept is pretty complicated, i don’t want to impose my thoughts on you, I found the pure accessibility of this very complex work to be surprising and fully engaging.


The show closes Jan 6th …So get there quick!

Here’s a tip: Buy your tickets online so you avoid the long lines when you get there.

Lily loved the installation. She was blown away that an artist was allowed to create swings. On a cold Sunday in New York here we were… all 4 of us.. swinging. What fun and how truly inspiring.