What’s in a name?

Naming a child is THE hardest task ever!

Matt and I did not consult any baby books or gather up a research panel to weigh the pros and cons of certain names. We knew we wanted to keep a family name. So we started the process of piecing together the puzzles of family names.

We knew we wanted a first and middle name and wanted something that paid homage to both sides of our family.

So how did we end up with MATHIAS THOMAS?

New York Mom

Mathias – is my mom’s maiden name. Also my grandmothers last name. These two women are responsible for shaping me and mean the absolute world to me. It was Matt’ s idea to name the baby after my grandmother and mom.

Thomas – after Matt’s dad. It’s also Matt’s middle name. A nod to the passing the name down.

So there ya have it… Mathias Thomas. He’s going to go by… Thom or Thomas or Thoms.

How did you name your baby?