Just wanted to say a big ole GIANT… honest to goodness… from the top of my heart cuz it’s bigger than the bottom of my heart… for realzies… THANK YOU… all of YOU for the massive outpouring of kind words and tips and suggestions and just plain ole support regarding my post yesterday.

Breast feeding is a tough thing to talk about sometimes… it’s personal and especially telling the world that your child is on formula… in today’s judging society.. is not easy.

I wanted to put my story out these because I wanted to connect with women who have gone through something similar and I also think it’s OK that I am going through this and formula is OK. and I should not beat myself up over not being able to produce milk.

I have numerous emails and Facebook messages sent to me from YOU… dear reader… saying… “it happened to me”, “ditto”, “hang in there”, “we formula fed our kids too”. I’m really grateful and fortunate to have such a strong online community of mamabears! and JaimeG – Thanks for the late night ” you will be OK” texts.

And I THANK YOU for this. Knowing that what I am going through is in NO WAY uncommon makes my mind settle down and I am in a much better and stronger place because of this.

I wish more people would talk about their struggles with breastfeeding. I have read so much material on what to do when preparing for baby and would always skim over the breast-feeding parts because:

  1.  There was never an emphasis made on the commonality of the struggles of breast-feeding.
  2.  It could NEVER happen to me.. right!

Breastfeeding… as natural as it should be… is incredibly unnatural… as I am finding out.

My update: Went to the doctor yesterday. He said I do not have Mastitis but what I am going through is fairly common. He said with rest and hot showers and “keep doing what I’m doing” I should be as good as new by friday. Today I feel a million times better! He also said that his 4 kids are formula fed because his wife had a similar issue and 2 of his kids are twins. When I told him about Thoms clamping down on my nipple with his gums, he said it’s probably because the baby is frustrated with the low milk production. “take a break for a few days, let the nipple heal, keep pumping, skin to skin and try again“.

So again… THANK YOU… YOU… for checking in on me and giving me such valuable advice. I am trying all of your tips… everyone… even the… hang upside down by you toes until something starts to drip out ..ha!