Jonah Update

Jonah came home from the hospital Tuesday night and we all feel so balanced once again.


His stitches are healing, his spirit is up and all is well in this land.

He is still slightly lethargic but I guess it’s from surgery and also the 12 meds per day that he’s on.


Lily has been a great nurse to Jonah. Rubbing his belly and talking to him is the sweetest voice.

St Bernard

I cannot even begin to tell you how scary the whole ordeal was this past weekend… we almost lost this beast of ours. Bloat in dogs is a VERY serious issue and can come on in the blink of an eye and if we hadn’t acted as fast as we did… I can’t even think about it. What a scare!

New York Mom

I have really been humbled by the amount of emails and phone calls about this beast of ours. Thanks to all of you … readers.. those I know in real life and those I know online and those of you I don’t even know… who have checked in about Jonah. Thanks to the IAMS pet food team for constantly checking in on us. How very sweet!

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts… when we lost our Newfoundland – Lincoln Duncan a few years ago… it was very sudden and unexpected – he died of what we believe to be a liver failure. The outpouring of support and sympathy from our local community was unbelievable. Lincoln was a fixture in our town, often times being asked to walk in parades with the fire department. We even had president Bill Clinton tell us how sad he was and how much he liked Links. (long story maybe I’ll share with you another time). 

We have certainly experienced the same outpouring of support this time around with our Jonah Beast and I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers.

This little blog serves as such a place of solace and I thank you for sharing these stories with me.


And now… we wait for the MOTO to come out. Any time now!