Advent Calendar – DIY

I know it’s 3 days late but better late than never.

I love to make Lily’s advent calendar every year and instead of the classic – fill each day with chocolate calendar, I put little special treats we can do together in each of the days. The calendars are super easy to make and cost practically nothing!

So here goes… you still have time to get one of these up.

Gather your supplies:

  • Paper pouches – $2.99 for 25 at the craft store
  • String to hang the advent calendar.
  • Stamps and Ink pad or a sharpie and marker and to number your pouches.
  • Little clothes hanger clips – $1.99 for 50 at craft store
  • Colored paper to write your little messages
  • Imagination

Got your goods?

Step one – Print a number 1 – 25 on each of the paper pouches.

DIY advent calendar

Step two– Fill each pouch with a special message like :

  • Movie Night in mom and dad’s bed, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, 4 books before bedtime, extra long bubble bath, Breakfast for dinner , I also throw in a couple small gifts under the tree. All of Lily’s favorite things. 

DIY advent calendar

Step three– Hang up your DIY advent calendar in a prominent place.

DIY advent calendar

Step four – sit back and enjoy your awesomeness every morning as your kid goes crazy happy over the surprise things in the advent calendar.

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Season!