Kidzvuz – Fashion + Tweens!

So Lily my  7 Year Old wonder is a ….*gulp*… tween!

Yes folks… tweens are now 7 -12 year olds… according to marketing and all things social standards.

As much as I want to run and hide her away in the tallest tower… there really is no denying it. Just accept the fact and parent on!

In the last year Lily has been dressing herself with her own sense of – I must say- AMAZING fashion sense. She is very particular about her hair and accessorizes channeling Madonna in the 80’s . Piles it on!

Yes she is still a jungle girl and I love that but her fashion girl comes out once in a while as well.

This summer she decided that “girl” bathing suits were for suckas and switched over to board shorts and sun shirts… something I hope she keeps until she’s 30! (fingers crossed)

So tween years here we come.

My friends Rebecca Levy and Nancy Friedman – founders of online kid destination KIDZVUZ– hosted a fab event last weekend geared for… tween girls.

At first I was a bit cautious, Lily does go to many blog/media events with me but none are beauty, fashion driven and none have ever been beauty fashion driven toward her age group.

The KIDZVUZ event was great… it was the right amount of everything for girls her age- tweens.

A little bit of glam a bit of art some tech… and jelly beans!

There was a hair corner hosted by Fashion Angels where the girls were getting their hair done, Lily had her hair streaked.

One of her favorite activities of the event was dressing up the mannequins provided by Children’s Place.

This was something she had ALWAYS wanted to do. When we go shopping she always wonders who dresses the mannequins and her she was… dressing her very own! Very chic I must say!

She also LOOVED getting glitter tats from Glitter Tattoo NY. My fashion girl picked an iconic motor chick tat. and I love her for it! There were a ton of fairies and butterflies and flowers and frilly things and she went all out. Go big or go glitter home is what I say! 

Lily loved the whimsical pillows from iScream She was also encouraged to pick out an activity book – that she loves- sticker, a pen and some other nick nacks!

But fashion and glitz was not all this event was about. Kidzvuz was also working with K.I.D.S to raise funds for those affected by Super Storm Sandy.

There were also reps from Microsoft showing off the new Surface Tablet. I didn’t get a chance to chat with them too much but as certainly curious to find out more about this new gadget.

When we checked into the event, Lily was given an arm band which she thought was great because I didn’t get one. And upon leaving she was gifted with a whole great big bag of goodies JUST for her… again something I did not get and that made her happy. Truly an event for the girls.

Overall the event was right on the mark for Lily’s age. All the vendors there were very respectful of the girls ages and did not push any sort of “you can look great if you try..” lingo and I thought the KIDZVUZ team did a stellar job in curating the right products and people for the event.

So here we go folks… TWEEN years!

*I was not paid for this post. Lily was given a bag full of tweentastic goodies*