Pet Emergency – This could happen to you

This wont happen to me.

This seems to be my “base line philosophy” for most serious things. – earthquakes, fire, accidents, sickness, storm damage… and until recently…Doggie emergency.

This past Saturday, Jonah gave us such a scare.

We started out the Saturday lounging and putting together a glider for the nursery and prepping things for the new baby. Lily was busy with her shenanigans… all was well in the land.

For the past few days, we had noticed that Jonah was not eating his food, so Lily hand fed him some food mixed with cheese and we didn’t think anything of it.

As the day went on we noticed a significant change in Jonah’s behavior, he became a bit lethargic, he would wince for no reason and the biggest “alarm” he was throwing up clear phlegm. At one point he threw up white foam… I had never seen him throw up white foam before and quickly researched this.


Like the movie Marley and Me.. BLOAT!

Bloat is terrible for dog’s, it comes on suddenly and can be fatal.

Jonah has had the stomach surgery to prevent BLOAT, but it was to prevent the kind of bloat that twists the stomach. So what was this?

A few days earlier…

We spent a couple of days in Connecticut for Thanksgiving, Jonah had a pet sitter come by the house to take care of him. When we got back Friday night we noticed a pile of black stuff on the floor in the hallway upstairs.

It was some sort of chewed up sock that had been spit up. Except it was a WHOLE LOT OF chewed up sock. Jonah had chewed up one of Matt’s socks a few days earlier… something he had not done is years. We didn’t think much of this and let it go. Lately, Jonah…and Lily… have both been regressing into their baby behavior. The  new baby coming, our move this summer, all the excitement of change… both of them have been revisiting their baby habits… for Jonah it was eating Matt’s sock.

That night while folding laundry, I found a pair of my spandex leggings and they had been destroyed.. eaten throughout. About 70% of the leggings had been eaten. JONAH!

So on Saturday, when Jonah was acting strange… I immediately knew what could have caused this. While his stomach stapling surgery prevented the twisting of the stomach BLOAT, it does not do anything to prevent problems caused by crazy dogs eating leggings. Not socks, not underwear… leggings.

We called our vet, we called pet emergency rooms …all who said who … Take him in now… no time to lose.

Matt took him over to a doggie emergency hospital around 3:30pm on Saturday… they did x-ray’s and found that YES… there was an obstruction in his stomach. A surgeon was called in around 8pm and he went under and had his stomach operated on that night. Sure enough a HUGE chunk of black spandex leggings were removed from him stomach.

Jonah came out of the surgery just fine, he’s still at the hospital… IV in his leg, looking weak and sad but healthy and alive.

WE visited him yesterday and Lily was very happy to see him and give him sweet healing kisses which only she can give.

This could happen to you!

While eating socks seems harmless enough… losing your dog in the blink of an eye is not harmless… Jonah’s condition went from fine to emergency in a matter of hours… and if we had not seen the pieces of leggings he had spit up we would never have known the cause of his behavior.

Lily was pretty distraught over this whole situation. 4 years ago, our Newfoundland – Lincoln Duncan- went into the hospital on something that we thought was not a big deal and 11 days later he passed away. Lily never got to say goodbye and she thought this was going to happen again.

She’s been making cards and Christmas tree ornaments for Jonah all weekend.

Jonah comes home from the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday… the baby in my belly can come out ANY TIME NOW! 

Never a dull moment around these parts!

So how do we prevent this behavior in the future? What if he does this again?

Take care of your pets everyone… even the simplest of “puppy behavior’ can be fatal to your four-legged family member.