Getting Pampered at Benefit Cosmetics

My dear friend Holly – The Culture Mom and MamaDrama – hosted an amazing event over the weekend at one of my favorite makeup boutiques – Benefit in SOHO.

I have been a HUGE fan of benetint – the wunder tint product that adds instant color to your cheeks and lips. Usually I can find this at a local Sephora and had never any reason to go into an actual Benefit store.

So here I was on a Saturday morning in SOHO, Lily and Matt headed over to see the preview of Rise of the Guardians in Times Square.

I was in for a treat. I had a makeover where the makeup artists told me about adding a bit of shimmer to my temples and bringing it down the side of my face and highlighting my cheekbones. Nice trick because these days the cheek bones are kinda hidden by preggy face puff.

I also had my moustache waxed by a fab gal who was from Georgia so we chatted about the panhandle and the beaches and the food while she cleaned up my hairy face. She also tinted my eyebrows… something I have never done before and didn’t really think I needed until I caught a glimpse of myself the NEXT day and was like, “oh hey girl hey… nice eyes” Who knew a little eyebrow tint could make such a difference!

Benefit uses natural dyes and natural products so my preggy self was safe from chemical harm.

Benefit stores also have waxing and spray tan services along with makeup consultations and applications. The wax that was used to “unhair” my face was really gentle and left NO bumps between my eye brows.. girls you know what I’m talking about right… that little red irritation… I didn’t have any of it.

As I left, I was gifted with a mascara and … BENETINT!! Which was great since I had run out.  So thanks Holly and MamaDrama and Benefit for my pampering Saturday.

*I was not paid for this post but was gifted some goodies from Benefit Cosmetics.  All opinions are my own.*