Maternity Canine Unit – M.C.U.

They say – Dog’s know.

Dog’s know and sense things that we humans are just not in tune to.

For example when there is an earthquake or natural disaster… animals know it’s coming and start preparing… us humans just don’t pay attention to the four-legged warnings.

Growing up in the Florida Panhandle…. we always knew it was going to rain if the seagulls were hanging out inland. Even if it was a bright gorgeous day… watch the seagulls and you could predict the rain.

So of course I am all in a tizzy today because my very own Maternity Canine Unit AKA – M.C.U... Jonah Beast has been behaving incredibly oddly.

Let me show you what happened last night. This TOTAL laying on top of me behavior started about 2 days ago but last night it was at a whole new level.

Matt thinks he’s taking care of me and knows I’m about to pop a baby out any second.

Saint Bernards have that nurturing nature anyway. Their primary claim to fame is as rescue dogs in the swiss alps where they would go out to rescue stranded hikers/mountain climbers. The Saint would lay it’s entire body on the stranded person to keep them warm until transportation arrived. They  push their chests close to the human’s heart to make sure the heart was always beating. Jonah has done this to me… and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world! Nurturing at it’s ultimate!

Jonah has been laying – very carefully on me lately. His big huge paws bend and “hook” around me as if to hold me close to him. He won’t leave my side and just seems worried for the past few days.

I LOOOVE my Maternity Canine Unit.