It’s Ma Birthday!

Today is my birthday!

I feel good about it.

Usually birthdays are days I avoid.

One more year. One more year older. One more year of not accomplishing all I set out to accomplish the year before. One more year closer to my doom… you get the picture.

One more year.

But this year… this year is different.

This year… I am at peace with my aging. I feel like I am in a positive space in life, I am letting go of expectations, letting go of petty goals in exchange for ‘big picture” concepts and just all around chill about how my world is changing. I’m letting it happen as people say. Something I should try to do more often. I’m releasing my competitive nature this year … or will try to control it less.


I’m getting older y’all but like pickling and whisky… I get better with age! Woop!

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!