Being Pregnant: 38 weeks

At my most recent Dr. Appointment my Dr. said,  “Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you had the baby in a week or next” WHA!

My friend Lenore said she had her first child when she was 37 weeks.

She also told me that she never had contractions just water broke one morning and that was it.

I’m freaking out you guys.

Our bedroom is still unpacked from when we moved this summer, the nursery is kinda done but is cluttered with boxes and gifts, and overall I am just nervous about our new adventure.

Lily has been jumping in our bed in the middle of the night and I am LOVING this.. not many more days of us being a family of 3 ya know. I love waking up to her nuzzled next to me on these crisp winter mornings. She is such a snuggler… Jonah jumps on the bed as well and often times we wake up to all four of us in the bed…snuggled and blissful.

These few weeks, my body is changing and doing things like you have no idea!

1. My gums are bleeding – This is apparently called “pregnancy gingivitis” Everytime I brush my teeth my gums bleed. Like war zone style blood-gushing-all-over-my-mouth bleeding. It’s really scary and just started about 2 weeks ago. I called my baby sis… the dentist… who casually said… “oh it’s pregnancy gingivitis, it’s NORMAL. Make sure you brush and floss” Floss? I’m afraid to floss because all my teeth feel like they are going to fall out of my mouth at any given second and the plaque that’s holding them together might come off when I floss and then I’ll be toothless! She also told me to gargle with Listerine Total Care. So I opt for that option. Brushing and gargle!

2. Potty breaks every 5 mins! – Lily has a baby Alive doll… you know the ones where you feed them and then they go #1 or #2… well that’s EXACTLY how I feel.. the #1 part. The second I drink any liquid It’s time for a potty break and forget sneezing or coughing or laughing… because that just makes me pee in my pants. I know… great visual.

3. Skin Tags – Did you get skin tags when you were preggers? I have little skin tags all over my body and it’s so gross. Another pregnancy perk i guess.

4. Emotional Roller Coaster- I can’t keep track of my emotions. One second I am fine and the very next… I’m an emotional wreck. UGH. Poor Matt…he has to deal with me and my mood swings.

5. Shortness of breath – Remember Biggie Smalls… Big Poppa… remember how he would breathe with his mouth open all the time… that’s me right now… think of Biggie Smalls as a petite 38 week pregnant indian gal… and you have the image.

6. Orange Creamsicles – These frozen treats are my preggy crack. I can’t get enough. try it.

7. Facial Hair – I look like a little Sasquatch these days… facial hair is out of control… like cheek hair and lip hair… it just grows wild. I’m gonna let it go… part of the package right.

So there ya have it. 38 weeks!