The frustration of not being able to help

I’m a doer. I do things… I get things done. I make things happen.

I can’t express to you my frustration in not being able to help out as much I want  during this devastating time in the tri state area.

In the past, I have organized and performed in dance concerts in NYC where 100% of the money is donated to relief efforts for a cause, I’ve helped in food kitchens, coordinated volunteers for organizations…etc

This time around I am 37 weeks pregnant and really can’t do much in ways of mobility. My energy has a short shelf life and it’s been killing me to sit here and watch all the help that’s so desperately needed and not react in my normal “get it done” way.

I coordinated a thing with my church this evening where our youth group was going to pass out Hot Chocolate to the 100’s of cars lined up to get gas…but as of this afternoon… no gas at the gas station…and no lines. So that was cancelled. This shortage of gas is also putting a halt to my efforts. We are saving what little gas we have in case I go into labor… my hospital is an hour away.

So how am I helping? I’m hoping to do my part with social media and inform people of ways they can help. I have some amazing friends who are doing great things in Brooklyn and Staten Island and I hope to help them spread the word.

If you have an event you are planning that’s helping out with hurricane relief efforts.. please pass me the info so I can make a list of ways my readers can help!

Stay safe’s a long road ahead.