Hurricane Sandy you can’t bring me down!

As you know the Northeast was hit hard by Hurricane – storm- nor’easter SANDY.

Sandy did a number here in NY y’all. Lower Manhattan is totally flooded, the subways are flooded, public transportation has come to a screeching halt… here in the burbs, the beaches have been eaten up by the storm, trees are down, power is out and we are being told not to expect anything for at least another 7 days, no cell reception, no internet, the roads are grid locked with people trying to get out to find food and electricity. It’s a hot mess!

This is Mother Nature making us stop and pay attention… if you thought global warming or not recycling or being environmentally disruptive was a joke.. wake up peoples!

But as always, there is a silver lining to this…

Even though Matt watched parts of people’s homes fly by our house during the storm, our house stood strong and protected. Not one scratch, not a tree down, not a window smashed, no flooding… we were protected.

These past few days, we have spent playing games and working on craft projects. Lily recently scored a LARGE tub of legos for $5 at a tag sale and she’s been so excited about creating masterpieces in candle light.

Matt whipped up an amazing meal of Miso Salmon – sautéed green beans and mediterranean cousCous… we all sat in candle light and shared fun stories as we ate this gourmet feast.

Last night we carved pumpkins in candle light and then sat around and told stories and played legos. I have loved spending time with no distractions!

Today Lily went trick or treating in our neighbourhood and Jonah tried to eat the little 6YO skeleton kid that came knocking on our door for candy… the 6YO was unphased… he just wanted candy!

We found a little yogurt shop with electric outlets and wireless and have been sitting here catching up on everything. Emailing our loved ones. Still no cell reception though.

I feel so blessed to have received so very many emails and messages from friends all over the world! You like me… you really like me! ( said in my best Liza accent)

We are all doing OK. I am 36 weeks today and very uncomfortable… fortunately no contractions yet so I’m not worried about going into labor just yet. Let’s keep it that way. But my belly is large kids… and I can’t breathe and there is that little migraine issue that started up about 4 days ago… but we’re safe and OK.

The house is cold so we are hoping to find a place to camp out for a few days tomorrow. NYC is full and we couldn’t get in to Manhattan even if we tried!

I hope you are all safe during this storm… stay sane, be thankful for the blessings you have and thanks SOOOOO much for checking in on us. I am so touched!