I missed one day online …

I was super busy yesterday and was at my non-online job all day, came home loved on Lily and Matt and Jonah and then just crashed. This morning I woke up early and caught up on my 500+ emails from yesterday and had a WICKED wrap-around-my-head-and-go-to-my-eyes- headache all morning and then prepped the house for my Aunt who is visiting from India.

Point of the story… I was not online or watching TV for over 24 hours. (kinda rare)

And I missed a TON!

  1. Donald Trump is spewing mean and schoolyard immature things toward the Pres again and pretty much made a big ole fool of himself in the process. And the entire news media – because they have nothing better to do – has given so much attention to his wackado old man rants. Make him stop y’all. READ THIS —> Donald Trump’s Big Announcement.
  2. Apparently there is a huge, massive HURRICANE..innocently named SANDY… about to hit NY next week. Where have I been? I heard the term FrankenStorm and figured it was just some Halloween thing I was uncool to understand But nope… a giant storm. It’s called the Perfect Storm, the one that is going to be bigger than the one back in the day and people are freaking out! Stay safe everyone. READ THIS —> SANDY
  3. The news is depressing, scary and REALLY out of control today. First a cop tried to kidnap and torture and cook and eat 100 women… a COP… someone who is supposed to protect you, then this evening a woman in the Upper West Side came home to find her 2 kids stabbed to death by the trusted NANNY. A NANNY! I can’t even imagine what that family must be going through right now and the pain and devastation and utter betrayal they must feel but mainly the loss… Oh my gosh everyone… my heart is breaking over here and I can’t grasp the full emotion of this utterly sad… too-close-to-home horror! Matt and I have been talking about hiring an ” at home” caregiver for the baby… kinda like a nanny but super part-time… like 2 days a week so I can continue to keep my media clients. I would be home but just would have someone watching the babe while I work for a few hours. And I am horrified by this news of this nanny. Go hug your littles everyone. I have no words.