Just the Three of Us

Only a few weeks left before we become a family of four. WOWZA!

Aunt Becky came over last weekend to document my impressive bellie.

My Sis-In-Law, is a faboosh Brooklyn artist. Her foremost medium is photography but I have seen her other work in various mediums and it’s pretty awesome. We have some gorgeous pieces of pottery and clay sculpture that have been gifted to us through the years.

We headed to LONG BEACH, NY for some photos. The florida girl in me was itching for beach shots.

Moments captured perfectly.

Late at night when Lily is asleep, Matt and I usually relax and catch up on our days… and I can’t help but think of all the blessings in our lives.

Our siblings who live so close to us these days, our parents who are over the moon about the baby, my grandmother who gives me indian recipes on the phone every time I talk to her – it’s her way of taking care of me from Florida, my other Sis- In- Law in phoenix who is a wealth of knowledge… giving us tips on where to buy diapers and calling us with deals she finds all the time, My sis and new Sis-in-Law who are planning a sweet baby shower this weekend even though they are super busy all the time, Matt’s brother who sends us BAGS of baby boy clothes that are hand me downs from my 1 YO nephew.

Our friends who send special packages of baby goodies in the mail all the time, My friends Kim, Sarah and Lenore who check in constantly and sympathize with my aches and pains and mood swings,  both Matt and my employers who go out of their way to shower us with gifts and thoughtful words… Blessed…really blessed!

I have been really mindful of our time as a trio together lately.

Matt and I have been making lots of exceptions with Lily… letting her sleep in our bed, special treats like ice cream at a local spot after school, adventure trips, movie nights and just long bedtime routines with stories and songs and just hanging out before bed. Lily has been loving this and occasionally I see her bringing back some of her “baby” habits… normal I’m sure. It’s sweet, she does not want to be referred to as a big girl any more, always wants to be held and made a fuss over and just loves being together …just the 3 of us!

Jonah has been snuggling up to us as well… wonder if he knows what’s up. He’s been pretty clingy lately and is the first to snuggle up RIGHT next to me at night. Lily will cuddle next to Jonah and say, “Poor Jonah. Who’s going to take care of him when the baby comes? Poor Jonah, no one’s going to love on him and snuggle up” I think she’s projecting some of her concerns onto Jonah. What do you think?

Well 35 weeks is here and we have a short time to go. How exciting!