Life seen through the lens of my iPhone

Life is happening really fast all around me these days.

And I just don’t have the time to document it all. Luckily my trusty tech appendage – iPhone – does a good job of reminding me to capture hidden moments in my life.

My dear friend Michael met me in NYC this week and we strolled around the flatiron district and ate and gabbed and he treated me to the most decadent dessert at EATALY. Some sort of sponge cake panna-cotta fruit melt in your mouth goodness. Yum. Thanks MBL!

Lily is growing up everyday. Funny how that happens. I have really missed seeing her in flouncy skirts and costumes like she used to run around in even a few months ago. This week she suddenly started wearing her fluffy skirts it makes me smile… she looks like a fairy.

Then she sits on the couch with me in her onesie and drinks tea before bed. She said she looks like a “colleger” in this photo.

A whole wall of exotic mushrooms. I would love a mushroom risotto with all these beauts in it right about now.  As seen at EATALY.

Tis the season for glitter skulls! We brought the Halloween decor out this week. Lily loves to glitter everything in sight… so we glittered up our hallows eve.