3 Things I learned from the 2nd Prez Debate

Today was the 2nd presidential debate and first I want to say… people need to pay attention. Regardless of your political views, you owe it to your brain and your intelligence, your kids, your family , your country and your FUTURE to pay attention to this very important conversation.

Ok, I’m stepping off my soapbox.

So this is what you missed:

  1. Romney has a “binder full of women” and also believes that women should have part time jobs and then come home and make dinner for their families that should be heterosexual because if not then the guns will be out of control… all these things are so wrong but something sooo right came out of this… the birth of the hillarious BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN tumbly blog! 
  2. Candy Crowley rocked as a moderator… who runs the world… GIRLS! She shut these boys down and kept them both on track and FACT CHECKED Romney right on the spot!
  3. Everybody loves the middle class and Romney told us that China has a counterfeit APPLE store .. he obviously has NEVER been to Canal Street here in NYC.

Until next time! Stay involved!