Candy without the JUNK… that’s UNREAL! Sponsored Post

It’s Halloween candy time and all those nasty sugars and corn syrup and strange things in most sweet concoctions make me cringe.

I am not a candy lover so I easily skip this whole gorging on candy madness..but Lily my CANDY GIRL… loves Halloween. Between all the Halloween Parties and trick or treating… there’s a ton of the sugar going around. And I do not approve!

On my quest for a candy that tastes good, is not made with Hydrogenated Oils and Fats, No corn syrup, No artificial colors esp red #5 and no Artificial preservative… I stumbled upon UNREAL foods.

We got a big box of UNREAL candies and you know what you have to do when you get a ton of candy right… have a partay! That’s what we did. We got UNJUNKED with UNREAL.

So what’s the big deal with UNREAL candy. Let me school ya:

  • UNREAL is a new generation food company with an outrageous mission – to UNJUNK the world and they are starting out with the worst offender…CANDY!
  • UNREAL candies have replaced the junk in candies with good stuff – Double the cacao, more peanuts, real milk, cane sugar and organic palm fruit oil.
  • 30% less sugars than your average leading candy.
  • 60% more fiber and 250% more protein
  • UNREAL candy is not available ONLY in natural health stores but is facing the candy crisis head on by selling in mainstream stores like: CVS, Walgreen,s RiteAid and many more national retailers.

The peanut butter cups are super yum and the chocolate bars are definitely full of chocolate goodness.

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* This is a paid post. In addition to monetary payment I was also sent a large box of UNREAL goodies to share with my party guests. All opinons are my own and are honest*